Sreeparna BANERJEE

Middle East Technical University Üniversiteler Mahallesi, Dumlupınar Bulvarı No:1 Biyolojik Bilimler, Z-16 06800 Çankaya Ankara/TURKEY

Office Room: Z-16

Tel: 0090 312 210 6468

Web: http://www.metu.edu.tr/~banerjee

Education: BS, Physiology, Presidency College, Calcutta University, India; MS, PhD, Biochemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK Postdoctoral Fellowship: Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Medical College of Georgia. USA

Research Interest: Cancer Biology

Description of Research Activities: The role of inflammatory eicosanoids in colorectal cancer. Targeted drug delivery in cancer.

Selected Publications: Asli Deniz , Asli Sade, Feride Severcan , Aysen Tezcaner, Dilek Keskin, Sreeparna Banerjee (2009). Celecoxib Loaded Liposomes: Effect of Cholesterol on Encapsulation and in vitro Release Characteristics. Epub 10 Nov, 2009, Biosci Rep doi:10.1042/BSR20090104. Sade, A, Banerjee, S and Severcan, F.(2009) Concentration dependent effects of celecoxib on model membranes. J. Liposome Res, Epub 22nd October, 2009 DOI: 10.3109/08982100903244492 I. Çimen, S. Tunçay and Banerjee, S. (2009) 15-Lipoxygenase-1 expression suppresses the invasive properties of the colorectal carcinoma cell lines HCT-116 and HT-29. Cancer Sci, 100, 2283-2291. Enayat, S and Banerjee, S. (2009) Comparative antioxidant activity of extracts from leaves, bark and catkins of Salix aegyptiaca sp. Food Chemistry,116, 23-28. Banerjee, S. (2006) “Inhibition of mackerel muscle lipoxygenase by green tea polyphenols”. Food Research International. 39(4) 486-491. Banerjee, S and Flores-Rozas, H (2005) “Cadmium inhibits mismatch repair by blocking the ATPase activity of the MSH2-MSH6 complex”. Nucleic Acids Research, 33, 1410-1419. Banerjee, S., Khokhar, S., Apenten, RKO (2002). “Characterization of lipoxygenase from mackerel muscle”. Journal of Food Biochemistry, 26, 1-19.

Graduate program affiliation: Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering