Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Avni ÖKTEM

Middle East Technical University, Department of Biological Sciences, 06800 Ankara/TURKEY

Office Room: 226

Tel: +90 312 210 5172

Fax: +90 312 210 7976

E - Mail: haoktem[-at-]metu.edu.tr

Web: http://plantbiotech.metu.edu.tr

Education: BSc., 1985, Biology, METU;
Msc. 1987 Biochemistry, METU;
Certificate in Neurochemistry, 1987-1988, Hungarian Academey of Sciences, Biological Research Center;
PhD.1990, Joszef Attila Univ, Szged Hungary

Research Interest: Nanobiotechnology, Nanotechnology, CBRN, Plant biotechnology, Transgenic techonologies, GMO, Signal transduction, Molecular diagnostics, Array technologies, Biosensors, Aptamers, Renewable bio-energy technologies

Description of research activities: Homeland security technologies, Development of bio-agent detection technologies, CBRN applications, aptamer based diagnosis and treatment, Nucleic acid and protein arrays, biological applications of magnetic nanoparticles, Genetic manipulation of crop plants (lentil, wheat, potato, tomato) against osmotic stress (salt/drought/cold); Antioxidant responses of crop plants under abiotic stress conditions; GMO detection technologies, Renewable bio-energy technologies; Artificial photosynthesis (Dye sensitized solar cells-DSCs)

Selected Publications:

Bayrac AT, Sefah K, Parekh P, Bayrac C, Oktem HA, Tan W, In vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers to Glioblastoma Multiforme, ACS Chemical Neuroscience (2011) in publication.

Akcay UC, Ercan O, Kavas M, Yildiz L, Yilmaz C, Oktem HA, Yucel M, Drought-induced oxidative damage and antioxidant responses in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seedlings. Plant Growth Regulation, 61: 21-28, 2010.

Oz MT, Yilmaz R, Eyidogan F, de Graaff L, Yucel M, Oktem HA, Microarray Analysis of Late Response to Boron Toxicity in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Leaves, Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, 33: 191-202, 2009.

Akcay UC, Mahmoudian M, Kamci H, Yucel M, Oktem HA, Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation of a recalcitrant grain legume, lentil (Lens culinaris Medik) Plant Cell Reports 28: 407-417, 2009.

Karamollaoglu I, Oktem HA, Mutlu M, QCM-based DNA biosensor for detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Biochemical Engineering Journal 44: 142-150, 2009.

Oktem HA, Eyidooan F, Demirba D, Bayrac AT, Oz MT, Ozgur E, Selcuk F, Yucel M, Antioxidant responses of lentil to cold and drought stress Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 17: 15-21, 2008.

Öktem H.A., Bayramoğlu G., Özalp V.C., Arica M.Y. Single step purification of recombinant Thermus aquaticus DNA-polymerase using DNA-aptamer immobilized novel affinity magnetic beads. Biotechnology Progress, 23:146-154, 2007.

Eskiocak U, Ozkan-Ariksoysal D, Ozsoz M, Oktem HA, Label-free detection of telomerase activity using guanine electrochemical oxidation signal Analytical Chemistry 79: 8807-8811, 2007.

El-Bashiti T, Hamamci H, Oktem HA, Yucel M, Biochemical analysis of trehalose and its metabolizing enzymes in wheat under abiotic stress conditions Plant Science 169: 47-54, 2005.

Bandeoğlu E., Eyidoğan F., Yücel M., Öktem H.A. Antioxidant Responses of Shoots and Roots of Lentil to NaCl-Salinity Stress, Plant Growth Regulation, 42: 69-77, 2004.

Karabal E., Yücel M., Öktem H.A. “Antioxidant Responses of Resistant and Sensitive Barley Cultivars to Boron Toxicity” Plant Science, 164:925-933, 2003.

Mahmoudian M., Yücel M., Oktem H.A. Transformation of Lentil (Lens culinaris M.) Cotyledonary Nodes via Vacuum Infiltration of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Plant Mol. Biol. Rep. Vol 20 (3), 251-257, 2002.

Mahboobi H., Yücel M., Öktem H.A. “Nitrate Reductase and Glutamate Dehydrogenase Activities of Resistant And Sensitive Cultivars of Wheat and Barley Under Boron Toxicity” J. Plant Nutrition, Vol 25 (8), 1829-1837, 2002.

Graduate program affiliation: Executive committee member of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Graduate programs of Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences; Graduate committee member of Department of Biological Sciences