Molecular Biology and Genetics

ODTÜM Network 

ODTÜM Network allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilise the trusted Middle East Technical University environment to expand your professional network.

bio-alumni Mailing List 

bio-alumni Mailing List was created to connect the Department of Biological Sciences with our alumni. You can join to get news and updates from our department. Please follow the link above for instructions.

METU Alumni Website 

METU encourages its graduates to establish strong ties among themselves. Alumni Office works to develop and mature the processes that will provide them. You can follow announcements and news from METU Alumni Office on this website.


You may request transcripts via the "Transcript Request Form" available on the METU Student Portal (if you are a registered student) or on the METU On-line Applications (if you have graduated).

ODTÜLÜ is an alumni magazine that started publication a quarter century ago in 1993. Considering today's technological possibilities, it has been published online three times a year, in fall, spring and summer terms, since 2018.
Currently available only in Turkish.

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