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The objective of the graduate program is to train the students to carry out advanced and high-technology research in areas. The program covers molecular biology applications such as molecular genetics, ecological and evolutionary genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, cancer biology, plant sciences, molecular biophysics, biomaterials, molecular pharmacology and toxicology, biomedical techniques, biotechnology, neurophysiology, and ecology.

Course List

Compulsory Courses
Course Code Course Name METU Credit Contact (h/w) Laboratory (h/w) ECTS Credit
BIOL558 Bioethics and Research Methods 0 0 0 10.0
GENE500 M.S. Thesis 0 0 0 50.0
GENE501 Seminars in Molecular Biology and Genetics I 0 0 2 10.0
GENE502 Seminars in Molecular Biology and Genetics II 0 0 2 10.0

h/w: hours per week

7 elective course(s)* approved by the Department of Biological Sciences.

Total minimum credit: 21

The following rules for the formation of thesis defense commitees were accepted by the University Graduate Committee.

M.Sc. Examination committee composition

  1. Thesis defense examination committees consist of 3 or 5 members. The members include thesis supervisor, at least one member from other departments of METU or outside the university.
  2. The members coming from outside the university must have at least Ph.D. degree.
  3. The co-supervisors could attend the defense exams and as a member of the committee.