Ayşe Gül Gözen


+90 (312) 210 5185


Room 242


 Department of Microbiology and Public Health, Michigan State University, USA, 1994

 Department of Biological Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, 1986


Heavy metal and antibiotic acclimation and adaptation of bacterial populations. Total molecular alterations in bacteria upon heavy-metal exposure. Relative expressions of resistance genes upon acclimation to above MIC stress conditions. Investigating gene expression in mutants obtained through UV-induced and spontaneous mutations. Ground stabilization using calcium carbonate precipitating bacteria. Impact of antibiotics on the cognitive abilities of mice through gut microbiota.


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Saricicek, Y.E., Gurbanov, R., Pekcan, O., Gozen, A.G. Comparison of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation eligibility using Sporosarcina pasteurii and Bacillus licheniformis on two different sands. 2019. Geomicrobiology Journal 36(1): 42-52.

Ceylani, T., Jakubowska-Dogru, E., Gurbanov, R., Teker, H.T., Gozen, A.G. The effects of repeated antibiotic administration to juvenile BALB/c mice on the microbiota status and animal behavior at the adult age. 2018. Heliyon 4(6) Article Number: UNSP e00644.

Gurbanov, R., Ozek, N.S, Tuncer, S., Severcan, F., Gozen, A.G. Aspects of silver tolerance in bacteria: IR spectral changes and epigenetic clues. 2018. Journal of Biophotonics 11(5) Article Number: UNSP e201700252

Gurbanov, R., Gozen, A.G., Severcan, F. Rapid classification of heavy metal-exposed freshwater bacteria by infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics using supervised method. 2018. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 189: 282-290

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