Mesut Muyan


+90 (312) 210 7653


Room 118


 Washington University Medical School, St Louis, MO, USA,

 University of California-Davis, CA, USA, 1991

 Graduate School of Health Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, 1987

 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, 1980


Our research interest is directed at the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of estrogen hormone action. The flow of estrogen information is primarily conveyed by the transcription factors, estrogen receptors (ERs) α and β. The estrogen bound ERs primarily mediate many nuclear events that result in gene expressions. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that includes biochemistry, molecular, cellular, and tumor biology, we aim to define how estrogen-mediated gene expressions result in changes in phenotypical features of cells.


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