Nafi Gürdal Alaeddinoğlu



 Biology Department, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, USA, 1985-1986

 Microbiology Department, Reading University, 1976

 Medical Technology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University, 1967


Bacterial Genetics and Industrial Biotechnology: Mapping of novel genes, resistance to antimicrobials, cloning, production and immobilization of industrial enzymes, bioprocess optimization, hydrocarbon biodegradation, bioinsecticide production.


Tokcaer, Z., Bayraktar, E., Mehmetoğlu, Ü., Özcengiz, G and Alaeddinoğlu, N.G. (2006). Response surface optimization of antidipteran delta-endotoxin production by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis HD 500. Process Biochemistry. 41: 350-355.

Gürsel, İ., Korkusuz, F., Türesin, F. Alaeddinoğlu, N.G. and Hasırcı, V. (2001). In vivo application of biodegradable controlled antibiotic release systems for the treatment of implant-related osteomyelitis. Biomaterials, Vol. 22 (1) pp.73-80.

F. N. Kök., M. Y. Arıca., C. Halıcıgil., N.G. Alaeddinoğlu and Hasırcı, V. (1999). Biodegradation of aldicarb in a packed bed bioreactor by Immobilized Methylosinus. Enzyme and Microbial Technology; 24: 291-296.

Adwan. K., Kocabıyık, S., Alaeddinoğlu, N.G. (1992) Evaluation of plasmid DNA and the protein profiles as epidemiologic tools in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. lnt. J. Experimental and Clinical Chemother. 5(1). 37-40.

Hilton, M.D., Alaeddinoğlu, N.G., Demain, A.L. (1988) Synthesis of bacilysin by Bacillus Subtilis branches from prephanate of the aromatic amino acid pathway. J.Bacteriol. 170 (1). 482-484.

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