Sreeparna Banerjee


+90 (312) 210 6468


Room Z-19


 Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, USA, 2002-2005

 Department of Food Science, Leeds University, U.K., 1998-2002

 Department of Food Science, Leeds University, U.K., 1997-1998

 Physiology Department, Calcutta University, India, 1994-1997


The primary focus of the laboratory is on pathways regulating metabolism in cancer cells. Deregulated metabolism of proteins, lipids and fatty acids is increasingly being appreciated as a hallmark of cancer. The signaling pathways regulating these metabolic changes therefore need to be examined to better understand the metabolic deregulations and novel targets for drug development. Additionally, starving cancer cells of specific nutrients and amino acids can also increase their sensitivity the chemotherapy. Using colorectal cancer as a model, our laboratory systematically focuses on pathways related to lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and the role played by these bioactive compounds in the regulation of inflammatory pathways.


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Taşkoparan B., Seza E.G., Demirkol S., Tunçer S., Stefek M., Gure A.O., Banerjee S. Opposing roles of the aldo-keto reductases AKR1B1 and AKR1B10 in colorectal cancer. Cellular Oncology, 2017. 40(6):563-578.

Tunçer S., Keşkuş A.G., Çolakoğlu, M., Çimen, I., Yener C., Konu, O., Banerjee, S. 15-Lipoxygenase-1 re-expression in colorectal cancer alters endothelial cell features through enhanced expression of TSP-1 and ICAM-1. Cellular Signalling, 2017, 39:44-54

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