Zeki Kaya


+90 (312) 210 5177


Room 246


 Environmental Sciences and Forestry, SUNY, Syracuse, NY, US, 2000-2001

 Institute of Forest Genetics, USDA, Placerville, CA, US, 1996

 Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, US, 1983-1987

 Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, US, 1981-1983

 Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University, İstanbul, Turkey, 1974-1978


The main research activities focus on population genetics of trees, speciation and evolution of plant species and ancient DNA studies related crop domestication and evolution.


Ciftci A, Kaya Z. 2019. Genetic diversity and structure of Populus nigra populations in two highly fragmented river ecosystems from Turkey. Tree Genetics and Genomes 15:66 (https://doi.org/10.1007/s11295-019-1370-5).

Mosca E, Cruz F, Garrido JG, Bianco L, Rellstab C, Brodbeck S, Csillery K, Fady B, Fladung M, Fussi B, Gömöry D, Gonzalez Martinez S, Grivet D, Gut M, Hansen OK, Heer K, Kaya Z, Krutovsky K, Birgit K, Liepelt S, Bazin E, Opgenoorth L, Sperisen C, Ullrich KK, Vendramin GG, Westergren M, Ziegenhagen B, Alioto T, Gugerli F, Heinze B, Höhn M, Troggio M and Neale DB. 2019. A Reference Genome Sequence for the European Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.): A Community-Generated Genomic Resource. G3: Genes, Genomes and Genetics 9(7):2039-2049 2039 (https://doi:10.1534/g3.119.400083).

Ciftci A., Değirmenci FO, Roosevelt C., Luke C., Marston J., and Kaya Z. 2019. Ancient DNA (aDNA) Extraction and Amplification from 3500-Year-Old Charred Economic Crop Seeds from Kaymakçı in Western Turkey: Comparative Sequence Analysis Using the 26S rDNA Gene. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 66:1279-1294 (https://doi:10.1007/s10722-019-00783-9).

Degirmenci FO, Acar P and Kaya Z. 2019. Consequences of habitat fragmentation on genetic diversity and structure of Salix alba L. populations in two major river systems of Turkey. Tree Genetics and Genomes 15:59 (https://doi:10.1007/s11295-019-1365-2).

Yildirim K. and Kaya Z. 2017. Gene regulation network behind drought escape, avoidance and tolerance strategies in black poplar (Populus nigra L.). Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 115: 183-199. (https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.plaphy.2017.03.020).

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