We proudly announce that Assist. Prof. Ahmet Acar from the Department of Biological Sciences received the Research Incentive Award from the Parlar Foundation.

Parlar Foundation Research Incentive Award for 2023

Assist. Prof. Ahmet Acar

Web of Science Researcher ID: ABI-3298-2020
Scopus Author ID: 57212498766
Researcher Profile ORCID: 0000-0002-2478-8029

Assist Prof. Ahmet Acar with his Precision Medicine and Drug Resistance in Cancer Laboratory aims to understand the underlying mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer. Our goal is to study how cancers evolve and develop resistance to therapies. We are interested in developing quantitative in vitro 2D/3D co-culture systems with stromal fibroblasts. We leverage single-cell barcoding and next-generation sequencing technologies to delineate actionable mechanisms of drug resistance. To better address patient-specific drug resistance, we generate ex vivo Patient-Derived Organoids (PDOs) as a preclinical model system. Lastly, we are working on developing and optimizing deep learning models for histopathological WSIs to enable the acquisition, management, and extraction of the information that is crucial to decision-making processes in cancer.

Parlar Foundation Announcement

Every year on 19 December, we remember Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar, an exemplary scientist who pioneered change with scientific thought and opened the paths to new horizons with the researchers he helped to raise, and an outstanding scientist with his research, with longing and respect.

In order to emphasize the importance given by our teacher Mustafa Parlar to scientific production and dissemination of the produced knowledge, our Foundation receives applications for Honor, Science, Service, and Incentive awards every year. Many valuable applications were received for 2023. We sincerely congratulate the esteemed scientists who received awards.

Awards for 2023

2023 Research Incentive Award, Ahmet Acar

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