Assist. Prof. Ahmet Acar from the Department of Biological Sciences has been given the Outstanding Young Scientists Award 2021 (GEBİP) award by the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) in the field of Life Sciences.

In addition to encouraging young scientists of our country to conduct exceptionally valuable studies, the Outstanding Young Scientists Award Program aims to support young scientists, who stand out with their high-quality scientific studies, in carrying out their research and in developing their own research groups, as well.

Another primary objective of this award program is to create a network of highly successful young researchers and their groups working in the fields of social sciences, life sciences, medical sciences, and engineering. With such a network that is renewed every three years, the program aims to contribute to the scientific development of our country by creating a generation of outstanding researchers competent in their fields.

Dr. Ahmet Acar conducts studies on drug resistance in cancer patients. He works on developing patient-specific treatment approaches, including the establishment of an organoid biobank, which will be the first of its kind in Turkey. Together with his interdisciplinary working group, Dr. Acar aims to characterize organoid samples consisting of treatment-resistant cancer cells by using a new generation sequencing method.

Assist. Prof. Ahmet Acar

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